The TrueBeam™ STx advantage

The TrueBeam STx offers the most advanced radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery available. We were the first to install this new technology in the UK and have established a highly experienced team.

What is the TrueBeam?+

The TrueBeam belongs to a group of machines called linear accelerators which are used to deliver radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery treatment. These treatments involve targeting tumours with beams of radiation to shrink and, where possible, eradicate tumours. The TrueBeam can be used to target tumours anywhere in the body and is particularly good at treating brain tumours.

What makes the TrueBeam different?+

The TrueBeam is the most accurate linear accelerator available. It has the ability to target tumours with high dose beams in minutes. This means that patients are receiving the most effective radiation treatment in minimal time whilst preserving the surrounding healthy tissue.

Why is the True Beam so good at treating brain tumours?+

The TrueBeam is particularly good at treating brain tumours because of its high level of accuracy. This means that consultants and therapists can target tumours with pinpoint accuracy, so the margins around the tumour are reduced. In turn this not only allows for high dose beams to target the tumour, but most importantly means that healthy tissue around the tumour can be preserved, vital to the wellbeing of the patient.

The brain is a complicated structure and tumours can at times grow in a way that means they cannot be surgically removed. In these cases the highly accurate TrueBeam can target and shrink the tumour, in some cases allowing for safe and successful surgical removal and in other cases eradicating the tumour.

To achieve this, the TrueBeam is able to deliver stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR), often referred to as stereotactic radiosurgery, usually given over a shorter length of time than standard radiotherapy.

The versatility of TrueBeam enables us to provide truly flexible, individually tailored treatment for each patient, enhanced by high quality imaging and real time tracking of the tumour. This means that the team can maintain accuracy when targeting tumours that move, including those that shrink or shift during treatment.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the TrueBeam moves around the patient, maintaining accuracy without moving you into awkward positions. The addition of the 6 degrees of freedom couch allows for precise corrections in patient positioning during treatment. There is also a series of cameras that enables the radiotherapy team to closely monitor you throughout each treatment session, giving you greater peace of mind.